I love Hipstamatic – Lens “JohnnyS” / Pack#1

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This is the first of many to come Photoshop actions, which will give your digital images the look of the images taken with the HipstamaticApp for iPhone. If you are some of those people who like those awesome images taken with the HipstamaticApp, but dont own an iPhone, than this Photoshop action might be for you. Click on the samples below, to get an idea what this action do.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, the Hipstamatic 100 was a real camera – a plastic one with interchangeable lenses was designed and manufactured 1982-1984 in a little river front cabin in Wisconsin by two brothers, Bruce and Winston Dorbowski. In the summer of 1984 they were killed by a drunk driver… and 1993 the family lost most of the brothers’ photos and work archives in a fire. The story would have ended there, except for Richard Dorbowski. In the summer of 2007 he set up a website memorializing his younger brothers and two years later two young web developers made him an offer for bringing Hipstamatic back as a digital application for Apple’s iPhone. It’s now in the Top 5 of iPhone photo apps. And it’s an absolute blast.

I am hopelessly addicted to Hipstamatic (as well to Photoshop) and this is what made me create this action for Photoshop. Its going to take quite a while, to create all the Hipstamatic lenses, films and flashes, but I dont want to make you wait :) As soon as I have a ready action, I will upload it here, so be sure to subscribe and dont miss them.

I love Hipstamatic – Lens “JohnnyS” / Pack#2

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Samples and Info

Mouse over the links, to see samples included in the package.

*All layers are left intact, so you can adjust the settings to your likeness.

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  • License: Commercial
  • Language: English
  • Price: €1.95*
  • Compatible: Photoshop all CS
  • Platform: Win | Mac
  • File format: ZIP
  • Zip includes: ATN file, PAT file, Installation Instructions
How to install actions?

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* The indicated price is in euros, however the payment takes place in your own currency (euros, dollars, pounds, etc). Paypal will show you the exact price in your currency prior to completing the transaction.

All sales are final once you’ve recieved the actions. No refunds or returns. Installation instructions are sent in the .zip folder in each action set, if you do have any problems please email me and I will respond promptly.

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More Samples

[AFG_gallery id=72157625381114168]

DISCLAIMER! The Photoshop actions dont use any of the HipstamaticApp content. All borders included in the package, are custom made.

I love Hipstamatic – Lens “JohnnyS” / Pack#1, 5.0 out of 5 based on 9 ratings


  1. vicky kahn
    November 16, 2010

    jana, thank you for the great support. all working fine now. i love the hipstamatic action… who needs an iphone, we have you :) please hurry with the other hipstamatic actions.

    you rock jana!

  2. photoaddict
    November 23, 2010

    Hey, I downloaded the action and it worked perfectly on my desktop computer, but I am having problem running it on my laptop. I am using both platforms: mac&win.

    Please help me to resolve this issue. I love your action and want to use it on my laptop too. Most of my pictures are stored there.

  3. photoaddict
    November 23, 2010

    I forgot to tell you, that I use CS a and CS4 (if this matters)

  4. Jana
    November 23, 2010

    Yes, it does matters. CS is an older PS version and doesnt have all the features used in the action. I am modifying the action now with the help from a friendly user, so it should run smoothly on older CS version. Just be patient! There will be an update in the next days.


  5. Shonni Hassoldt
    November 30, 2010

    Will this work in PSE8?

    • Jana
      November 30, 2010

      I am sorry. Right now it works only with Photoshop CS. I will have later version compatible with PSE.

  6. =M=
    December 2, 2010

    These actions are great, Jana! Thanks! I hope you create more soon!

    Life In LoFi: iPhoneography

  7. Jason
    December 4, 2010


    I bought both 1 and 2 packs, but I can’t get either to work sorry, the readme doesn’t seem to make sense, the file it refers to do not exist. But I have read in comments that people have got it to work so I must be doing something wrong. Is there a forum or something where we can troubleshoot? I couldn’t find one linked on your site.

    Also in one of the packs there is a file with no file extension on it so I added it myself, but I still do not have all the files referenced to in the readme. :-/

    Help! :)


    • Jana
      December 6, 2010


      Thanks for pointing me to those problems. All fixed now! Hopefully my tutorial was helpful and you are enjoying the actions!

  8. Jason
    December 6, 2010

    All fixed now thanks for the great help! :)

  9. Todd Montgomery
    December 12, 2010

    I am very excited to know that there is an easy way to get the Hipstamatic look. I have not been able to get the actions to work on Adobe Photoshop Elements 9. If anyone can help me, I would really appreciate it. I have not had a response from author.

    I was aware when I bought it that it may not function with PSE9, but the price was worth the chance. In any case, I am happy use it when it does work with PSE9. A stand alone app, like the iPhone app, would sell quite well and not cost much to develop abroad……

    Thank you.

    • Jana
      December 12, 2010

      Todd, I answered you in the Facebook “Like” Page… Here is the answer :)

      Todd Montgomery Great work Jana! I love the iPhone app, so I had been searching for a solution for my photos taken with a normal camera. Can anyone who me how to setup her actions in Photoshop Premiere Elements 9? PLEASE!

      Yesterday at 18:03 via iPhone · LikeUnlike · Comment · View feedback (1)Hide feedback (1)

      Jana Werner Photography & Photoshop resources Thanks Todd! I am planning to make the action compatible with PS Elements because many user request it, but I would ask you to be patient ;) Ofcourse I will let you know!

  10. DannyBoy
    December 20, 2010

    Hi I hope you can help me with an issue i have with regarding the Film Border Actions not working.
    (I run Photoshop CS3 on Mac)
    I’ve loaded the Actions and Patterns in the correct places. I’ve run both Hipstapack 1 and 2. Both work fine and well. I get to the end dialogue where it says ‘Hold there! We are not done yet! <<>> Pick some of the Film Border actions below….i.e. “Film – Floaty” and click PLAY.’

    So I do that. And it runs all the way through until the last Fill stage – It stops with the final warning box saying.

    ‘Could not complete the command because the selected area is empty.’

    What I am left with in the layers menu in the film folder is two layers. A layer named ‘gradient’. And a an empty layer named Photo Border. All I see of my image is a big colour gradient obscuring everything.

    I’m sorry to trouble you I am missing something really obvious. I hope you or somebody could help e out. I really want to get this working. It’s exciting work your doing for us.

    • Jana
      December 20, 2010

      Danny, thank you for your comment. The error message appear, because you are not playing the first action “MUST!-Prepare the image” until the end. After you finish with the crop tool, you should push the play button again, to resize the image. Your image is under 600px (I guess) thats why you have this error message. When the image has the proper size, the action runs really smooth. Let me know how it goes!

  11. Photoshop action is to simplify your life, it’s a script for retouching picture with a few click. I just want to see a program or mobile app like instragram on pc

  12. Joey
    June 8, 2011

    Hello, first I love your Hispsta Actions. I purchased Pack #1 a while back and I just now getting around to using it. It runs perfect all the way through till the end but when I try to save the image it locks up my PS. I’m using CS2 on Windows 7. I also have your OldMatic Action and it saves my image. I’ve tried several times with Pack 1 and locks up every time. Any suggestions? Thank you.


    • admin
      June 8, 2011

      Hi Joey,

      I had a user, who had the same issue and he solve it. He was nice to informed me about the solution. According to him, the problem is caused by the first “MUST!!!-Prepare the image” action, the very first step “Make document”. When he unchecked it (skipped it) he could run and save the image without problem. I hope this will work for you. Let me know!


      its definitely the “make document” step in the MUST!! -prepare action that is causing the crash
      this time i unticked that step and ran the actions and it all works fine with that step unticked , i could save as and everything is good
      then i tried it with that step ticked and it crashed again (when i click on save as)

      the package is great anyway (even with the hassle, its a computer after all)
      if i wanted nothing to crash ever i could always buy a 1960s point and shoot film camera :-)

  13. Joey
    June 8, 2011

    EXCELLENT!! Problem solved. I did what you said and it worked just fine. Thank you and many thanks to your customer for sharing the solution. Your actions are wonderful, I plan to buy them all.



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